The Steal Club Membership - Founding Members

The Membership

“Success leaves clues. Go figure out what someone successful did, and model it. Improve it, but learn their steps.” Tony Robbins
What if success as a creator was not something unpredictable?
What if it wasn’t something you need to figure out by trial and error (and take forever in the process)?
What if the playbooks are already out there, ready for you to “steal”?
This is why The Steal Club Membership exists.
Our goal with the Membership is to help you grow your audience and monetize your content.
We want to empower you on your creator journey by reverse-engineering the strategies of the most successful creators.
We'll transform their hard-earned knowledge into simple, step-by-step, highly actionable content you can implement right away.
You'll have access to the proven playbooks that top creators have used to skyrocket their audience and revenue.
You’ll get in minutes what took them years to learn.
No more guessing games or wasting time on ineffective strategies. Join us and unlock the formula for success as a content creator (and become a thief, which sounds kinda cool, no? 😎)

Who is it for?

Creators who:
  • Have a small audience and want to grow it
  • Haven’t monetized yet or are starting to monetize (with services and/or digital products) and want to scale
  • Have no systems for content creation and monetization or really basic ones and wants to improve them
In short, creators who want to become Content Entrepreneurs, a.k.a people who create content about their area of expertise or passion and monetize it.

What will you find inside?

1/ Live workshops with guest creators.

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; the playbooks are already available”
We’ll bring over successful creators to break down one specific thing they do well in their business. For example, a recent product launch, how they write their content, how they get clients, etc.
These sessions will be highly actionable, with no fluff. Just pure strategic and tactical advice on how they did something specific in their business.
So far, we have confirmed the following for June and July (Dates to be confirmed):
  • Janis Ozolins, who has over 160k followers combined between Twitter, Instagram, and his newsletter, and has a very successful online course and community.
  • Content Kuba, who brings 10+ high-ticket leads every month to his freelance business with zero marketing budget, just organic content.
We are aiming to have at least 1x month of these sessions.

2/ Bite-sized video guides & workshops on growing your audience and monetizing your content.

Topics we’ll cover: copywriting, building a newsletter, getting more email subscribers, selling digital products, building landing pages…you name it!
The members will also have a vote on which topics we cover first.
We aim to have at least 2-4 a month of these.

3/ Office hours/Group Coaching

Come together as a group with questions or problems you need help with. You’ll get feedback from me directly but also from other members.
We aim to have at least 1x a month of these sessions.

4/ Async Advisory

I’m here to help. Get direct feedback from me on any doubt or struggle you have. You’ll have a dedicated channel to ask for my help on any topic.


Standard Membership → $199/year for founding members - only 2/10 spots remaining

  • Access to our Circle Forum
  • Access to all future Guest sessions during the next 12 months
  • Access to our formative video guides and workshops during the next 12 months
  • Access to our Office Hours during the next 12 months
  • Welcome 30 min coaching call with Alex ($150 value)
This price is lifetime. This means you’ll maintain the standard membership price for as long as you stay inside. Once I do a public launch, this price will increase.
Local tax not included. It will be added at checkout (only if needed).

Lifetime membership → $379 one-time payment - only 1/5 spot remaining

Same as above but in a one-time payment. No recurring fees. Stay inside the membership for as long as it lasts (and I plan to build it for a very long time).
Local tax not included. It will be added at checkout (only if needed).


Who’s behind this?
I (Alex Llull) am a company of one producing all the content and managing the membership.
When will I get access to the membership?
Immediately. Upon purchasing, you’ll be redirected to our Onboarding form and then to our Circle Forum.
There you’ll find the first few events scheduled and a few community spaces for you to poke around.
Not gonna lie, it’s gonna be a bit empty right away, but we’ll quickly fill it with content!
Why the Steal Club?
You can read about how the Steal Club came to be here.
Where can I contact you?
For any other questions or doubts, feel free to email me at