This Sneaky Tactic Is Used by Every Top Creator (but nobody talks about it)

Steal this content writing technique that every top creator uses for rapid content writing.

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This Sneaky Tactic Is Used by Every Top Creator (but nobody talks about it)
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I noticed something while looking at some creator's top posts (you know, for stealing purposes 🕵️‍♂️).
Their most liked posts of all time had certain "post structures" that were frequently repeated.
Let me show you an example:
notion image
It’s the same structure!
Even almost the same topics. And all with a 1-month difference between the two.
Let me show you another example:
notion image
So why does this happen?
I'll let Chip and Dan Heath, authors of Made to Stick explain:
“If you want to spread your ideas to other people, you should work within the confines of the rules that have allowed for other ideas to succeed over time”
One thing that EVERY top creator does is:
  • Work with proven structures (or templates if you prefer)
  • Repeat those structures over time
“But hey, Alex, using templates feels less authentic”
I get the concern, but let me counter that with a very simple analogy: cooking
What happens every time you cook something?
You follow a recipe (or template 😉)
You follow the same "structure", with the same ingredients.
You may change something here and there, but the structure (and the result) are often the same.
If what you say has value, putting it on an already proven structure doesn’t make it less authentic.
Instead, it increases its likelihood of being read/shared.
The problem comes when creators exploit these formulas just to share sh*t content, but that's a rant for another day.

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