About The Steal Club

About The Steal Club

Finding inspiration in unexpected places: This is how The Steal Club came to be.

My name is Alex Llull and I'm the person behind The Steal Club.

I worked in advertising for about five years before becoming a creator.

Then, in January 2020, I moved from the agency I was working to a bigger, international one. 

You know, those with fancy offices in places like Singapur, New York, and Madrid (where I was based).

The problem was the timing. 

The pandemic happened 3 months after switching jobs, so my bosses decided to close the regional office where I was working.

Around 60 people got fired. 

I was one of them.

Suddenly, I found myself with plenty of time on my hands.

And what does one do in that case?

Scroll social media. 

Luckily, TikTok wasn't popular back then, or you probably wouldn't be reading this.

During my, let's call it, "research" period on social media, I realized something.

People were building projects, brands, and businesses there by sharing what they knew about a particular topic. 

The creator economy.

So I thought, "Hey, I have some experience in digital marketing and content. And I have a TON of free time on my hands. So maybe I should do something about it."

That's how I turned to Twitter and started sharing everything I had ever learned.

However, despite my initial efforts, I struggled A LOT.

My content wasn't getting any engagement, traction, or followers.

The frustration increased as I saw others who started simultaneously grow faster.

So I put my thief mask on and went deep into figuring out what they were doing that I wasn't.

And that's when it clicked.

My problem before was that I saw these people as competition. 

But they were not.

They were an inspiration.

They cracked the code, and I hadn't. 

So I could actually go see what they were doing and "steal" it. But not in the way you might think.

"Stealing" in this context means taking inspiration from their strategies but adapting them with my own twist.

As a result, things finally started falling into place.

I started compiling the tactics and playbooks these people were using.

And that's how The Steal Club was born.

Since then, The Steal Club has turned into a community of over 6,000+ creators, sharing insights, strategies, and success stories.

Whether you're a seasoned creator or just starting out, there's a place for you in our little club. Join us!