Create a problems database


Content Creation


The Tactic

This tactic starts with James Clear and his framework for when he didn't know what to write about. When that happens, he asks himself:

"What is the object of the reader's desire?"

The most basic reply to this is: solving a problem or pain they have

Jay Clouse took this approach and tweaked it for his own content creation system. The result?

A problem database 👇

Jay basically created a database of all the problems his target audience faces.

Each time he sits down to write new content, he refers to this database and ensures the content addresses one of these issues.

If it doesn't, then he scraps it and starts over.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

  • Figure out the main problems your audience faces. You can either ask them directly (make a poll on social or send an email with a survey link? or try to figure it out yourself

  • Put all those problems on a spreadsheet

  • Whenever you sit down to write your next piece of content, start with one of these problems

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