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One of the courses I bought this Black Friday was Transformational Landing Pages by Eddie from Very Good Copy.

One thing I realized while taking the course is how often Eddie asked and when he did it.

He asked for a testimonial on two key moments of the course after the most important and core lessons 👇

What I also liked was how he did it.

Those "intermissions" were short recaps of what we've seen until now and then a very natural ask of Eddie saying why a testimonial is important and what's in it for you if you leave it:

  • Link to your social profile on the product's page

  • Sharing the most important ones on his LinkedIn profile (100k followers)

Power of incentives!

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it

Ask for testimonials DURING the course when the student's satisfaction is high.

Also, make it as frictionless as possible by embedding a testimonial capture right there (it could be a simple Google form).

Most of us wait until the last moment or a few days after the course to do it, and by then, the students barely remember why they liked it.

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