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Jay Clouse is the host of Creative Elements, a narrative-interview type of podcast where Jay goes behind the scenes with top creators.

As a podcast, reviews are critical. And Jay was on a review hunt. But not just any type of review.

He wanted testimonials.

But sometimes listeners are not so inclined to leave those.

A testimonial might take just 5 minutes of your day, but it’s not as easy as just rating it 5 🌟, which takes just 10 seconds.

So Jay made a very smart move: he incentivized his audience to leave testimonials.


With the email below he offered one of his workshops for free (valued at around 50$ each) in exchange for a review:

This is smart because:

  • An incentive makes your audience more likely to leave that review

  • Those reviews are high quality because they need to send you the proof (screenshot)

  • You get your audience into your funnel. If they like what you offer as an incentive, it’s likely they want more.

If you are wondering, this was positioned as a PS on his email, so it wasn’t a hard push.

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

“Bribe” your audience with someone valuable in exchange for their reviews. This can be access to one of your other courses, 1:1 time with you…you name it.

Make sure you ask for proof of those reviews before delivering!

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