Make your social proof more specific



Digital Product

The Tactic

Medium will display an assortment of people (job titles and company info), on their premium sign-up prompt.

This social proof is dynamic based on the article that you're reading. 

But you don’t need to be so dynamic or clever. 

If you run a newsletter about start-ups, include details about their company. If it’s an AI newsletter, what’s their role within the company?

How could you make it feel more specific to your niche?

Stolen from UX bites

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

You know when you are on a sales page, and all testimonials come from “John Smith” and “Julia Clark” with very generic pictures?

Sketchy, right?

That might have worked a few years back, but people are catching up on fake testimonials.

The more real and specific you can make yours, the better.

This can be done with the profile picture, giving more details on their job or occupation, making sure the testimonials sound like an actual human and not a robot…

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