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Digital Product

The Tactic

Imagine you're in a candy store and see two boxes of chocolates.

One box is small, and the other is much larger. The small box costs $5, and the big box costs $10.

Now, the store owner wants you to buy the big box, so they do something clever. They show you a third box, which is huge and filled with chocolates, and they say it's worth $50.

What they've done here is set a high "anchor" price of $50 in your mind. This big number makes the $10 for the large box of chocolates seem like a really good deal in comparison. You think, "Wow, I'm getting this huge box for only $10, what a bargain!"

So, price anchoring is about using a high price (the anchor) to make a lower price seem like a better deal.

For creators, you can do that with your product’s prices, like Thomas Frank does here:

According to Thomas, approximately 95% of people buy the $229 bundle. In addition, he has a smaller gap between the middle and top products, so it feels cheaper in comparison to the anchor.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

Even if your product doesn’t have any “extras” to add as anchors, you can do that by adding a coaching call into the mix.

At the end of the day, these anchors are just there to make the original product feel cheaper. Here’s an example of this 👇

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