Run a reverse countdown campaign



Social Media

The Tactic

Jack Butcher ran a very smart Black Friday campaign a few years back.

Rather than waiting until Black Friday to release discounts on his digital products, Jack Butcher gave a discount a few days earlier, but with a twist: the discount amount decreased daily until it reached zero on Black Friday.

Why was this so effective? Two reasons:

  • Less competition

  • And generates a sense of urgency and FOMO

“I need to buy today because tomorrow the discount will be lower.”

Something else that makes this tactic effective is that it gives you an excuse to communicate continually about the discounts:

It’s a fun, different way to sell a digital product on social media.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

Jack used this tactic specifically for Black Friday, but it could also be applied to other dates.

You only need a target release date and think about the discount amount you want to give each day.

For example → Imagine your product’s target release date is August 6. You could plan your discounts like the following 👇

  • August 1 → 50%

  • August 2 → 40%

  • August 3 → 30%

  • August 4 → 20%

  • August 5 → 10%

  • August 6 → 0%

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