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One of my big goals for 2024 is to build an audience on LinkedIn.​

As any good thief would do, I'm lurking on the platform to see what the top creators are doing.

One of my recent thefts is the SLAY post framework from Lara Acosta.

Lara just hit 100k followers on the platform.

She's one of the most recognized voices over there and one of my favorite new follows.

Here's how her framework works:

Story. Lesson. Actionable. You.


🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

From what I've seen so far, LinkedIn is very story-driven.

People lead all the time with personal stories. But those that really work are the ones that come with actionable advice baked into them.

So follow the SLAY framework:

  • Hook them in with a relatable story.

  • Tell them what you learned from it.

  • Give actionable advice to solve that problem.

  • Encourage them to share their experience.

It's simple, but when you look closely at popular LK posts, most follow a similar structure. Steal it!

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