Write your own ad copy




The Tactic

If you run ads in your newsletter, you need to write your own copy.

I know it’s tempting just to take what the advertiser gives you, but you’ll get much better results for them (and for yourself) if you take that and adapt it for your audience

Researching, I found two people I highly respect who do newsletter ads really well.

One is Chenell from Growth in Reverse, and the other is Jens Lennartsson, a newsletter growth expert.

In addition to being fully booked, they have high CTRs (click-through).

The secret?

They write their own copy. And it makes total sense!

Ads (if done right) are something that is supposed to help your audience. And who knows your audience better than you do?

So tailoring these ads to what you think your audience will respond to + adding a personal, conversational tone will obviously yield better results.

It will also affect the click rate because the recommendation comes from someone they trust (you) 👇

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

If you offer ads, write your own copy. Take what the advertiser gives you as the starting point, but try to adapt it to your audience.

You might also be able to boost sales by stating that you write your own copy since most advertisers consider this a plus.

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