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The Tactic

You can engineer virality by sharing short videos of other creators and celebs sharing nuggets of value.

This style of content is beginning to trend on Twitter. It works because:

  • The Twitter algo seems to be pushing video content

  • You are leveraging someone else’s credibility (high-profile creators and celebs)

The first person I saw doing this was Billy Oppenheimer 👇

I also heard about this from Jay Clouse, who mentioned in his community that he's experimenting with it.

I would say it’s doing pretty good! 👇

We need to see if this actually translates into something valuable beyond likes and retweets. It's definitely worth a shot.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

Try to curate short video snippets of someone with huge credibility saying something related to your niche.

The ideal length seems to be between 1-2 minutes, but feel free to experiment.

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