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Nate Black, in his "Let me show you how to win in YouTube 2024" video, suggests 4 different approaches:

1) The Hero

You take people along for an experience. You are "the hero," and people are there to come along for the journey.

Example: "Building my first startup and sharing everything I learn"

2) The Performer

You focus on entertaining your audience by creating something new in a way that's funny or entertaining.

Example: "Taking my grandma on a trip around the world"

3) The Teacher

You educate your audience about a particular skill set they want to acquire.

Example: "How to write online"

4) The Commentator

You shed light upon things that already exist, adding your unique take to it.

Example: "I offer a fresh perspective on classic films"

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it

Choose a positioning angle to unlock clarity to your content.

That doesn't mean you need to stick to just one. In fact, I think this framework becomes really powerful when you combine some of them.​

Source (highly recommended watch if you plan to get started on YouTube)

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