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Social Media

The Tactic

The way Justin Welsh creates his content looks like this:

  • Creates a long piece of content (newsletter)

  • Publishes to his websiteRepurposes to social media and points back to his website article

  • In that website article, he soft-pitches his digital products

That way, he creates a loop between his site and social posts, so people who enter his ecosystem fall into a rabbit hole of his content and paid products:

That itself is interesting, but I found a little secret thing Justin does that makes it even better:

For every one of these articles, he ads a specific UTM tag (so he can identify the traffic source), which he labels with:

  • The day he’s sharing the article link

  • The platform

  • And the time of day

Something like this → websitelink.com/5.1.24.LI.AM

Then, once every week, he checks his data to understand which posts drove more clicks to his website:

Using this strategy, he doesn’t have to rely much on pitching his product. Instead, it becomes a numbers game:

Social media Impression → website visitor → product view → $

And, as he has the data on which posts drove more traffic (and more sales), he can double down on that type of content.

As a data nerd, I LOVE this approach. Data-driven creators for the win!

🕵️‍♂️ Stolen from Justin Welsh

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

If you have a website to which you can point people, start tagging every link you share on social media.

Then, once every week, check your data and adjust the content strategy accordingly.

I use Fathom to track traffic analytics (same as Justin). Justin also uses short.io to shorten the links and add the UTM tags.

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