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Audience Growth


The Tactic

This is the automated evolution of the Manually DM a sign-up link to your new social media followers tactic

Yong-Soo Chung writes the First Class Founders newsletter.

And like many of us here, part of his growth comes from Twitter.

What he does differently, though, is auto-DM every new follower he gets.

“Spammy, no way that works.”

Those were my first thoughts. But then I read exactly how he goes about it, which changed my mind.

Whenever he gets a new follower, an auto DM is sent.

This is the content:

Auto DMs aren’t my favorite thing, but if used correctly and for scaling the personal side, they apparently help!

As with everything, use it with a balance!

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

This is the message structure 👇

→ First, he reminds them why they followed him in the first place

→ Then he goes straight to the newsletter pitch

→ He uses a specific trigger to capture the attention (”make money”, “build an audience”)

→ He filters his target audience by mentioning clearly who this is for

→ He adds a PS inviting people to reply and initiate a conversation

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