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Forget finding your niche. The top creators “commit” to one core idea aka a premise.

Some examples:

  • Zach Pogrob - Obsession

  • James Clear - Habits

  • Justin Welsh - Solopreneurship

  • Katelyn Bourgoin - Buyer Psychology

  • Codie Sanchez - Boring Businesses

  • Me - “Stealing”

Everything they do: content, products, services…is around that core idea.

The cool thing about this?

It unlocks freedom. Your niche no longer chains you.

Plus, focusing on one core idea can lead to building a movement that people can rally behind.

That doesn’t mean it needs to become your entire identity, but it will help build a target and engaged audience.

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

What’s that one thing you could talk about for 30 minutes without preparation? Something you are passionate about?

Take that and make it your core idea.

Now, for every piece of content, product, or service you create, your idea needs to be at the center

How I do it with “Stealing”:

  • This newsletter where I curate hacks I “steal”

  • My social content where I talk about “stealing” as the way I operate and grow my biz

  • My products, which are curations of tactics I “stole” from others

The stealing theme is at the center of it all. I could say I am a curator, but stealing just sounds much sexier ;)

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