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The Tactic

A few years back, polls were all the rage on LinkedIn. The algorithm was pushing them HARD, and people were clicking on them like there was no tomorrow.

That time passed…or so we thought.

It seems like polls are back if we listen to Richard van der Blom’s 2024 algorithm report.

Data to prove it (stolen from Jay Clouse) 👇

Why polls, though?

It seems like the algorithm is pushing hard on them again. Polls are easy to engage with; people often click on them without a second thought.

That signals to the algorithm that this post is interesting, so it gets pushed even more.

If you are interested in these content trends, the time is now before they become saturated again.

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

Don’t just make polls for impressions. Two smarter ways to use them:

  • Make a poll to push your post but add a plug to your project/service as your first comment. People get to the post because of the poll, but a small % might enter your ecosystem

  • If you sell services on LinkedIn, ask pre-qualifying questions on the poll to identify potential new customers. Easier because now you can see who replies what.

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