Grow your list with a giveaway


Audience Growth


The Tactic

Giveaways are definitely not the most innovative growth tactic for newsletters. But they are suuuuper effective.

The concept is simple → You might win this thing if you leave me your email

The folks at Growth Tools put together a giveaway for the last few weeks that caught my eye. Here’s why:

  • They lead with a very clear value proposition → Win a shoutout to 230,000 entrepreneurs

  • They add urgency with a countdown timer

  • They do a great job at communicating the $ value the other prizes have

I'm guessing they are doing pretty well with it.

Now there’s an argument that can be made that giveaways usually attract a lower-quality audience. Which is true, IMO.

So, the key here is to try to make the most of the traffic that comes in.

How? With a post-subscribe offer 👇

The real reason they did this giveaway is to sell more of their high-ticket offer.

Who wants a shoutout to 230,000 entrepreneurs? → Entrepreneurs who have something to offer to that specific target audience

What does the team at Growth Tools do? → Help these entrepreneurs sell to other entrepreneurs.

Perfect match ✅

🕵️‍♂️ Stolen from Growth Tools.

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

Creating a giveaway to grow your list is the obciosu thing. But take a page from the Growth Tools playbook and try to include a post-subscribe offer

If the giveaway’s value proposition is good, you’ll get more traffic and subs than usual. And a % will convert to your higher ticket offer.

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