How an 8-figure podcaster distributes her content


Content Creation

Social Media

The Tactic

There is a distribution problem ingrained in podcasts. Podcast discovery platforms suck. This is Amy Porterfield's solution:

  • She releases a new episode

  • She makes a social post (where she has a bigger audience) to tease it

  • She asks everyone to comment with a number (usually the episode number)

  • She instantly DM's a link to the episode (with a simple automation)

I've actually taken a look at her Instagram, and she uses this strategy ALL THE TIME, not only for pod episodes but also to distribute lead magnets or sales pages.

This tactic can be used not just for podcast episodes but for virtually anything else you want to distribute (blog posts, lead magnets, newsletters, etc.).

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

  • Tease your social audience (with a clip, an excerpt with a CTA, a hook...)

  • Set up an "auto DM" type of automation and give it a keyword your audience needs to use to get the link

You can do this manually if you don't have a huge audience. But if you want to truly leverage, you need to use a tool.

Amy uses ManyChat to do it on Instagram.

I personally recommend Tweet Hunter if you want to do it on Twitter or Taplio if you want to do it on LinkedIn.

Both use the "Auto DMs" type of automation, which Amy is using to do this.

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