How to generate buzz as a curator


Content Creation


The Tactic

Josh Spector runs FTI, one of the best creator-focused curation newsletters out there.

That means he needs a ton of links and resources to feature.

Here's how he gets them:

This public post is smart because:

  • The audience does the work for him sending links

  • He promotes the newsletter without promoting it

When a post gets that many comments and impressions, it gets pushed by the algorithm, showing it to more people (and getting them into FTI)

I have a small line section, so I'm definitely stealing this one!

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it

If you curate content on any platform, make a public post about it. Let people jump in and drop their stuff.

People love self-promotion.

Best case, you generate a ton of buzz around your curation and get more attention to it.

Worst case, you end up with a few useful links to share.

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