How to get sponsors to rebook with you




The Tactic

Most creators treat brand sponsorships as a one-off thing.

You pay me, I place your ad, and we call it a day.

That's a mistake.

The ad placement is only the beginning. Example:

Olly from said that from 20 sponsorships booked for his SaaS, only 2 reported on results, 1 asked for a testimonial, and 0 asked if they wanted to book again.

Those are missed opportunities.

If the ad goes well, it's your chance to:

  • Try to get them to rebook

  • Or get a testimonial for future advertisers

Now that I'm seeing things from the brand side with Tweet Hunter, I can assure you that finding trustworthy creators is really HARD.

Brands prefer to repeat rather than have to chase new creators.

But how can you get more sponsors to rebook again? Check Olly's tips below.

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

Here are Olly's tips to book repeated sponsorships:

After every booked sponsorship 👇

  • Send a thank you email

  • Forward the email link

  • Report on all relevant metrics

  • Request a video or text testimonial (with

  • Offer a discount for the next booking

I must admit I struggle with this, too, so I'm stealing this one!

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