How to use other people's podcasts for content ideas


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The Tactic

One of my secret tricks for coming up with so many content ideas is podcast research.

But the problem is that podcasts are not really that searchable unless you do the following 👇

  • Find the podcast episode on YouTube. 99% of podcasts reupload there.

  • Download the audio file. You can do it directly on YouTube, or you can google for any free tools that do that

  • Use an audio-text transcribing tool like Otter (what I use) to turn it into text.

  • Alternatively, you can download the transcript directly from YouTube for some videos, but this is not usual.

  • Then, use a transcription tool like Otter or others like ChatGPT to dig for specific keywords

What words?

Look for "problem," "challenge," "pain"…Usually these words signal content voids that can be filled with your expertise.

At the same time, if you use software like Otter, you can ask it questions like "What were the top 3 pieces of advice on X topic?".

Really useful to get inspired too!

This is how I often find little nuggets of gold that I later turn into content ideas.

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