Let your audience vote on your next topic


Content Creation


The Tactic

Don’t know what your next newsletter should be about?

Let your audience decide.

Have a list of potential topics ready. Then, at the end of your email, ask them to vote on the next topic by clicking one link👇

This is smart because:

  • It increases your email’s CTR (more clicks)

  • You make sure that your audience actually cares about what you write because they are TELLING you

It's always a good idea to ask your audience.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

  1. Prepare a List of Topics: Have a selection of potential topics ready for your next newsletter.

  2. Include a Voting Section: In your email, create a section where you present these topics and ask your audience to vote by clicking on the provided links.

  3. Analyze the Results: Review the votes to determine which topic garnered the most interest and write your next issue based on that.

By involving your audience in the content decision-making process, you will boost email click-through rates and ensure that your content is highly relevant and valuable to your subscribers.

It's a win-win strategy.

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