Make a public sale of your newsletter ads




The Tactic

Sponsorships are usually the first revenue stream that a newsletter creator can activate.

But if you wait for sponsorships to fall into your lap…it won’t happen.

Instead, why not go public about it and run a sale to get some momentum?

This is what Pete did for his High Signal newsletter. He went to Twitter/X and posted this 👇

Why does it work?

  • Clear offer with the discount you get → 4 ads for $300 instead of $800

  • Transparency on metrics → subscribers and open rates

  • Remove friction → He sends a Stripe link so you can pay right away

  • Scarcity element → Sale ends in a few days

The result?

Plus, Pete was not stopping there. I liked to tweet so I could share it later here, and he instantly popped into my DMs asking if I was interested.

I bet he closed a few months of ads just because of this. And it’s not like the tweet got crazy engagement, either!

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

Go public to the social platform where you have a bigger audience. Put together a post and steal Pete’s framework:

  • Announce you are doing a sale

  • Make your offer and compare it to your usual price

  • Be transparent about the metrics

  • Ad scarcity (only available for 24h)

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