How to get more newsletter survey replies


Audience Growth


The Tactic

There are many ways to survey your newsletter audience, but the easiest one is right after they sign up.

The problem?

Sometimes, it’s hard to get people to reply because they think, “Ugh, a survey. I don’t have time for that”…Unless you hook them with your first question.

That’s exactly what happened when I subscribed to this week’s sponsor, Funnel Breakdowns.

Their first question?

If you were a ninja, what would be your go-to weapon?👇

Would you reply? Because I absolutely did. And finished the whole survey because of it.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

  • Survey your audience right after they sign up for your newsletter

  • Start with a super easy-to-reply question (yes or no) to incentivize those replies

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