Leave multiple replies to your LinkedIn posts


Content Creation

Social Media

The Tactic

I’m seeing many of the top LinkedIn creators do this:

  • They post

  • They immediately leave a reply

  • Then they keep doing 2-3 times more for the 1st hour of their post

How it looks 👇

Some are post-related and add extra context. Others are personal updates or promotional plugs.

Why do they do this though?

  • “Beefs up” the post numbers

  • Increases early engagement (positive signal to algo)

  • Leaves more opportunities for the audience to engage

  • Chance to add more context or relatable stories

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

Prepare at least 2 replies while writing your next LK post:

➝ One to expand on the post’s content

➝ One more personal

Post the first 10 minutes after the post has been published. Post the second one 10 minutes later.

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