How to measure your newsletter's engagement


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The Tactic

Open rates are (almost) dead as a way to measure your newsletter engagement. With Apple's privacy protection updates, it's a metric that it's not reliable anymore.

For context: Apple marks every email as open, even if that's not the case, making open rates not that exact anymore.

So, how do you measure your newsletter engagement?

With link clicks.

Link clicks are the true determinator of your newsletter health.

But how do you actually test it?

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

Here's what Matt McGarry proposes 👇

  • Add more contextual links to other content/products (ideally your content)

  • Add more call-to-actions for your products/sponsors

  • Include a curated link section in your newsletter

  • Ask people to click a link to stay subscribed

  • Use polls

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