How to incentivize newsletter recommendations on social


Audience Growth


The Tactic

People endorsing a newsletter on social media organically is something that can boost your subscriber growth.

The problem is that those types of mentions are hard to come by...unless you incentivize your audience to do them. That's exactly what Josh Spector did in one of his emails.

Josh offers a bundle of workshops called Skill Sessions.

An email he sent to his audience offered one of these workshops for free to anyone who shared his newsletter on social media. 👇

Josh has a bunch of these workshops, and since he sells a bundle, giving one for free is not that much of a problem.

In return, he might get many people talking about his newsletter on social media.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

  1. Identify valuable incentives: Offer something of value to your audience that's easy to share, like an exclusive resource, discount, or free access to a product or service.

  2. Create a sharing mechanism: Encourage your audience to share your content or newsletter on social media in exchange for the incentive. Make it simple by providing clear instructions and easy sharing options.

  3. Engage and amplify: When your audience starts sharing, engage with them, and amplify their mentions. This will encourage more people to participate and help boost your audience growth through word-of-mouth. </aside>

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