Leverage Auto-DMs


Audience Growth


The Tactic

The Auto DM is an automation that allows you to send direct messages automatically to people who interact with your posts or profile.

The auto DM allows you to:

  • Engage with your followers in a more personalized way

  • Share valuable content and resources with your audience

  • Grow your email list, website traffic, or sales leads

  • Increasing your engagement rate and reach

In short, it’s a growth strategy every top creator uses right now. I’m sure you have seen the “Like and comment, and I’ll send you a DM type of posts”

Some people are adding hundreds of new followers and email subscribers a day by using it.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

A good auto DM post triggers people to interact with it. To write a good one, you should:

  • Write a clear post that summarizes your main point or offer

  • Use a call-to-action that invites people to reply to your auto DM or click on a link

  • Optionally, you can add a visual element to make your tweet more engaging

  • Use humor, emotion, or curiosity to spark interest and conversation

Then, when sending the DM, here are some rules to follow DMs:

  • Be clear about your purpose. Why are you sending an auto DM? What do you want the recipient to do? Make sure your message reflects your intention and includes a clear call to action.

  • Don’t sound like a robot or a salesperson. Use a friendly and conversational tone that reflects your personality and brand voice.

  • Don’t use aggressive or pushy language.

  • Don’t ask for personal information or sensitive data. </aside>

Sources & Resources

My go-to tools with auto-DM features are:

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