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The Tactic

A big lesson learned during my time as a creator: you need to promote yourself, or no one else will do it for you.

This is what this tactic is all about.

The concept is simple - tease your work before publishing (usually a day in advance) to generate excitement and encourage people to sign up.

Someone that excels at this is Chenell (from the amazing Growth in Reverse newsletter) 👇

I’ve heard from her that she gets 50-80+ subs every time she does one of these posts.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

To succeed with this tactic, consider your post as if it’s a Twitter thread or LinkedIn hook. Lure them in with the first part of the post, then lead them to your CTA if they want to read more.

Especially on Twitter, it’s important you DO NOT put the link to your newsletter on the first tweet (so you don’t lose reach). You first hook, then add your call to action.

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