The click game: How to increase your email CTR


Content Creation


The Tactic

I can safely say that Toby from The Game newsletter has, in fact, (drumroll please🥁) won the game of gaming newsletters.

The tactic 👇

  • Toby placed a button at the bottom of his newsletter

  • He then asks his audience to reply to his email and guess how many clicks that button will get

  • If you guess it right, you get $$$. If not, the prize pool doubles for next week.

Why does it work?

This is genius because:

  • It gives Toby what I guess is a very high click rate

  • It gives a reason for the readers to come back next week, to either check if they won or to continue playing

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

Find an incentive for my audience (money, 1:1 consulting, a digital product) as the prize

  • Find a "game" to play. For example:

    • Spot the differences

    • Be the first one to reply

    • Guess the clicks

    • A riddle

  • Make it easy to play. It needs to be super low friction (for example, that you can participate with just one click)

  • Build the loop. How can you get your audience to come back? Some ideas could be to give the answer or announce the winner in the upcoming week </aside>

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