The Headline framework


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The Tactic

The core idea behind The Headline Framework is that all content creation should start from a headline.

This headline will work as a guide for the rest of your content. An example 👇

Jakob took the time he had on a long train ride to come up with 8 headlines quickly. These are raw and unfinished, but they hint at an idea.

From here, Jakob’s creative process becomes more manageable. Instead of starting from a blank page, he’s starting from something concrete.

He can work on developing each of these ideas into a new piece of content FROM that headline.

They come back to that headline and refine it.

This process works for tweets, LinkedIn posts, newsletters, and even YouTube videos!

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

This is how I quickly come up with headline ideas:

I took one sheet and divided it into three columns 👇

  • Topics: the specific topics you talk about in your niche

  • Angle: actionable, analytical, inspirational and anthropological

  • Structures: past content formats that are proven to work

And combine them so I get a content idea based on the resulting headline 👇

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