Why you need a link section on your newsletter




The Tactic

A click is the most valuable action someone can make on a newsletter.

It typically leads to an ad or your products, but many newsletters also include a links section (The Vault, below).

The cool thing is that most Email Service Providers provide information about who clicks every link.

Why does this matter?

Imagine you want to create a product about “how to improve your logo.”

If you have a link section, you can add a link to a resource discussing that. It doesn’t even need to be your own.

If someone clicks that link, they are at least somewhat interested in improving their logo. And now you know who they are.

Quick example: these are my link click stats from a past send 👇

This is GOLD.

Now I know there are at least 83 people interested in “Writing tips.”

Admittedly, these are not huge numbers but can act as a guide. If 80 people clicked this semi-hidden link, maybe there’s a bigger interest in it.

My next piece of content could be about that. Or I can try to create a low-ticket product with 50 writing tips and sell it to these 83 people for $5.

So much you can do with this info!

So, from now on, be more intentional about what links you share in your newsletter. It could be a really good way to uncover interest from your audience.

🕵️‍♂️ Stolen from this conversation with Josh Spector (min 4:30). His excellent newsletter.

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

Add a curated link section to your newsletter.

Be intentional about the links you share there. Try to align them with potential product or content ideas you have.

Then, you can extract those emails to either pitch your product or use them as a guide for your future content.

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