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The Tactic

This is how I’m able to come up with new content ideas all the time: I start from an idea, then I pair it up with a pre-made structure (or template, if you will).

For this, I have a formats Swipe File.

But what is this Swipe File?

Every time I find a piece of content that draws my attention, I save it there.

Then, I try to extract the “structure” out of it. Let me show you an example:

I found that thread hook, and it seemed great to me, so I saved it and templatized it.

Now, whenever I sit down to write another piece of content, I need to pair that structure with a content idea, and boom.

It's way easier than starting from a blank page.

If that sounds powerful, imagine having a database of over 100+ of those. That’s why you need a structures Swipe File!

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

  • Bookmark every piece of content that draws your attention

  • Put it in a file or document (I use Notion for it)

  • Break it down and generate the template

You only need to identify the parts of that piece of content that can be replicated and the parts you need to change to make it yours.

Let these structures guide you, and never face the blank page again.

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