Add a one-click upsell to your digital products



Digital Product

The Tactic

Daniel Vasallo has one of the most popular Twitter courses out there. Launched in 2020, “Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience” has generated over $270,000 in revenue.

We are talking about a digital product that sells only for $25 to $40.

That’s a LOT of Twitter courses sold.

He launched the course, and it was a success. But many people asked for more.

They wanted to understand what he was tweeting that brought him so much success. So, he decided to package all of his tweets on a simple sheet and add that as a second offer for his product.

Now, when you check his product, you see two different prices.

And you think, "Well, for an extra 10$, I get this other thing that feels valuable".

👆That's what goes into every customer's brain.

That’s also 7,500 extra $ made as an upsell 👇

When you have only one price for your product, you leave money on the table.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

Have more than one option for your products. Give people something to compare with so they realize the value they are getting.

This is something that not only applies to products. You can do the same with your services! Even if people reached out for one specific thing, try offering two or three different prices.

That will make the conversion way more likely to happen.

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