How to bribe your audience for reviews


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The Tactic

Since I released my podcast last week, I’ve been digging deep into podcast promotion tactics.

Coincidentally, my friend Jeremy Enns was launching his podcast too. And this is what they are doing to promote it:

Bribe their audience.

Not really. But kind of 👇

Jeremy knows how critical reviews are for podcast shows, especially new ones.

So essentially, he’s “bribing” his audience, offering something in return if they review their show.

I should do the same

Stolen from the Podcast Marketing Trends Explained Podcast

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

This tactic applies not only to podcasts but also to anything that needs a review.

Offer your audience something of high perceived value in exchange for that review.

Make sure to ask for proof if you really want to make sure they do it.

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