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Digital Product

The Tactic

$80k+ in pre-sales for Steph Smith's new product. The secret sauce?

The "Price Hike" strategy.

Here's how it works for her newest product, Internet Pipes:

  • Price started at $30

  • Price hike of $20 for every 20 sales

  • Constant social media updates about price increase

What I love about it is the baked-in scarcity and the FOMO it generates.

Most people would think twice before spending $250+ on a product. But this pricing strategy makes it seem like you need to get it now, or else you'll miss a huge opportunity.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

Set an initial price and the number of units you want for each price. I recommend starting with a lower price to boost initial sales.

Then, as sales start coming in, open a thread on social media and post updates so people can follow up.

The goal is to generate that sense of FOMO and urgency that they should get your product now.

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