Brennan Dunn's course pre-validation flow



Digital Product

The Tactic

Brennan Dunn is the godfather of personalization. Although his audience is not that big, his courses have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars.

His secret? Building exactly what his audience needs. Here’s how he’s doing it for his latest course:

  1. He emailed his list saying he’s thinking about building a new course on a specific topic

  2. In that email, he outlines what he thinks the course should cover

  3. Then asks interested people to click a link to join the waitlist

  4. Instead of pointing them to an empty “thank you” page, he redirects them to a survey

  5. On that survey, he asks "What would you like to see included in this course?”

  6. After 1h of sending, over 100 people joined the waitlist and 1/3rd shared why they needed that course

🕵️‍♂️ Why you should Steal it?

  • You validate the course idea by getting people to express their interest in joining a waitlist

  • You identify your warmest potential customers.

  • You can ship a beta version of the course for them first and use their feedback and social proof for a bigger launch after

  • You get a ton of “customer voice” to write the course landing page and promo materials

As Brennan says: “The best courses are reactions, not creations”

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