Sell to your most engaged segment first



Digital Product

The Tactic

This is what Jason Levin did when he pitched his newsletter premium offer to his audience 👇

He sent that pitch only to his most engaged subscribers, those with open rates above 80%.

This is smart because:

  • You get to test your offer first. if these people don't buy, it's likely that the rest of your audience won't either

  • Your success rate increases. More sales = more leverage to do a bigger launch late

  • You don't burn the rest of your audience with offers that might not be interesting to them

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

If you sell via email, it's smart to carve out a small segment of engaged subscribers (past buyers, high open rates, etc).

To find out who these people are earlier, I'm pitching this very tactics product during their onboarding sequence to the Steal Club.

If they buy, then I know it's someone that's potentially interested in my future products.

TL;DR: Identify your top fans and test offers with them first!

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