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Doing things that don’t scale is one of the best ways to build a reputation and a strong 1:1 connection with your audience.

I always try to reply to everyone who signs up for my newsletter. Most people are surprised when I do.

The bar is low.

People are used to automated messages, so when they get the “human touch,” they are positively surprised.

This is what Kieran Drew is doing with his High Impact Writing Course. During his last launch window, he sent over 500 personalized videos to each of his new customers.

These 10-20 second videos don’t take much to make but are a very pleasant surprise for the person receiving them.

His customers are so pleased they talk about it on social media. That makes it so that during the launch, Kieran’s face is literally everywhere 👇

Why should you do it? It’s a reputational play. People will perceive you as a real, more approachable creator.

This is how you build real fans, by doing the things that don’t scale.

🕵️‍♂️ How to steal it?

Try to go the extra mile with the 1:1 interactions with your followers and buyers:

  • Someone buys a new product? Send a 10-second video

  • Someone replies to your social media post? Engage back

  • Someone replies to your welcome email? Reply

It takes time, but it’s also a long-term play.

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