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“What’s in the box?”

There is no happy ending to this Seven quote, but people tend to enjoy surprises.

That’s what Katelyn Borugoin leveraged with her latest product launch (which generated $78k in sales) 👇

She incentivized the first 100 purchases with a "Surprise Gift."

That's it. No extra details or anything else. Nada.

It worked though, and Katelyn, who's a Customer Psychology expert, explains why:

Research shows uncertainty is more powerful and driving motivation than certainty.

It's pretty simple and easy to add if you launch a digital product soon!

Stolen from Katelyn’s Wallet Opening Words

🕵️‍♂️ How to Steal it?

Add a mystery reward and limit the # of people who can access it.

Make that very clear on your product landing page, too.

As per the reward, ideally, it's something simple that complements your main product, like a template, a cheat sheet, or extra material.

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